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Betty J. Harvey and Associates is a coaching and consulting firm, with a specialty in managing transition. Though based in Atlanta, we’ve brought our expertise to companies across the country. As we grow, our consulting network continues to expand, with associates serving other major cities.

With our focus on growth and renewal, we see change as an opportunity to rejuvenate and breathe new life into a company – whether that change is externally generated or a part of your own strategy, we help you get to the next level.

What can we do for you?
Our methods are both dynamic and effective, bringing you measurable and sustainable results. Betty J. Harvey and Associates has a proven track record in resolving critical issues that include:

• Overcoming resistance to change. Resistance must be acknowledged, respected, and embraced. During periods of change, more than rational thought is needed – it takes heart and soul to manage a successful transition.

• Re-energizing and refocusing the workforce. Job satisfaction and company morale begin with the individual. We’ll help members of your staff reconnect with their values, interests, and skills – which in turn renews their passion and commitment to your organization.

• Achieving visible and sustainable behavioral change. Old thought patterns and habits can sometimes be detrimental to performance. We identify the barriers to productivity and help the stakeholders master the skills necessary to grow and excel.

• Resolving conflicts.
When people have different values or communication styles, friction can result, even though everyone is working toward a common goal. We coach individuals and teams to value these differences in style and build on newly identified strengths.

• Building and aligning teams.
Misconceptions and personal bias can interfere with a management team’s ability to work together. Coaching each individual separately and the group as a whole can put everyone back on the same track – leaving you better equipped to deal with change and future business challenges.

• Achieving a greater level of success.
Even very successful people can hit a plateau, or begin to feel burnt out and dissatisfied with a job. One-on-one coaching can help individuals set new goals, once they reconnect with their values, strengths, and passions.

• Assessing strengths and weaknesses. We use a variety of methods and technologies to identify strengths, needs, and behaviors exhibited under stress. These include personal interviews, 360-degree feedback, Myers-Briggs, 16PF, and our specialty – the Birkman Method.