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Case study number two:

The problem: An organization was experiencing a period of slow growth, and was loosing its competitive advantage within the market. There was low morale throughout the organization and at all levels of staff. Everyone wanted and needed a breath of fresh air.

In an effort to move forward, the facility hired a new president who had a proven track record both of changing the culture of organizations and helping them move forward. Not surprisingly, some in administration were strongly attached to past practices and therefore felt resistant to change. New directions often cause culture clash, and this was no exception.

The solution: We went in to help facilitate open conversation about the changes that were needed for the organization to move forward and become more competitive in the marketplace. We worked with the new president, the existing administration, and the heads of five different divisions.

Implementation and process: We used the Birkman Method to assess strengths and differences, then talked about what it all meant in a strategic planning session. The first step toward the desired cultural change was getting the message out that a “closed door” policy would no longer be an accepted communication style, and that the organization was poised to move forward and change with the times.

Results: The new president was able to gain much-needed buy-in from the administration, getting its full support to move forward with a major capital campaign. The organization is now putting more energy into marketing itself, and is forming more collaborative business relationships. It has truly moved into the 21st century. We were so successful at helping to direct change that we were asked to provide additional one-on-one coaching, and to work with various departments to building stronger and more effective teams.