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Coaching is a discovery process. All of us at Betty J. Harvey and Associates have a passion and ability to see the best in people and situations. The answers are inside of you; we merely encourage and guide you through the process, helping you gain self-awareness along the way. Ultimately, we’ll help you build your future.

What coaching is:

“It is not ‘fixing’ things or solving problems. Coaching is establishing a vital relationship over a period of time, with clients who are searching for the clarity and skills needed for making changes in their lives and human systems, couples, families, work, and communities in the near future. Coaching works to connect two dimensions of a client: the inner being or self and some outer actions(s) or performance.”
--Frederic M. Hudson, Ph.D., founder of the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, CA and author of The Handbook of Coaching

What a coach does for individuals and organizations:

Works from what is possible, using imagination,
vision, and motivation as resources

Finds bridges to the future, connecting what is to
what might be – and does this with both a long view and a short action plan

Links inner purpose to outer work, in order to be a
catalyst for renewal and resilience

Motivates and inspires others to be more effective as leaders, teams, and managers

Questions the status quo and seeks creative,
transformative results that will extend the corporate culture and wisdom

Guides clients and organizations through necessary
transitions, without having power or control over

Facilitates professional development and
organizational systems development

Who could benefit from coaching:
Someone who:

Wants to grow and change, becoming a more
conscious and competent person

Can envision a more satisfying future

Is ready to restructure his or her life and schedule

Is willing to think beyond his or her existing assumptions, mind-sets, and preferences

Values other people and wants to achieve higher
goals through collaboration

Values personal growth and is willing to undertake
training and learn new skills, in order to break
through barriers

Is capable of following planned action steps to reach a goal